Animal-Sourced Foods: Good For Soil, People, and Climate — Engine to the Regenerative Future

Seth J. Itzkan
2 min readApr 29, 2022

The inevitable focus on soil is what will drive this celebratory transformation.

(Pictured: Cast iron frying pan with beef, bacon, chicken, red pepper, red onion, garlic, eggs, salt, ground pepper, fresh oregano and fresh dill. It was served with fresh fruit and a dollop of sour cream. Photo by Seth J. Itzkan.)

Soil comes largley from animals, as does food. It’s time to stop fighting reality. Animal-sourced foods are not only the basis of human nutrition (and evolution), they are also — when produced properly in ways that restore grassland ecology — the engine accelerating arrival of the regenerative future. Thus, they represent both our origins and our perseverance. Any notion that humanity is somehow going to be animal food free is intellectually insulting and morally repugnant. That’s dystopia. Nothing of the kind is going to happen. What will happen is that animal-sourced foods will increase and grain-based foods will diminish, precisely the opposite of today’s crippled lather. The inevitable focus on soil is what will drive this celebratory transformation, and, of course, the production will be holistic and regenerative. The increased fecundity of the dark spongy magic beneath our feet will be the universal measure of efficacy. Animal-sourced foods are also, frankly, not only better for people, soil, and climate, they’re prettier to look at. There are deeply embedded reasons for this, which is similarly why the smell of searing or simmering meat unfailingly creates a sense of wellness and earthly connection. We are meat. Our cells know it. The presentation of animal-sourced foods is additionally art in its own right, and, probably, one of the earliest human creations to be visually stimulating. It’s time to stop tiptoeing around these truths. We need to be shouting about them. Soul-affirming and climate-healing facts of animal-sourced foods must be promulgated at every opportunity and at every location, in the kitchen, on the farm, and on the rooftop. Bring the Truth. Bring the bacon (pasture raised). Yebo. Yebo. Yebo.