Let There Be No Misunderstanding …

The fake food movement is intellectually numbing and morally repugnant. We stand against it.

Soil4Climate Inc. stands unequivocally against the horror that is the fake food movement. We recognize it for what it is, a profound misdirection in sentiment and policy that uses the legitimate concern of climate change as a foil to continue the industrial agricultural complex, including fertilizers, pesticides, tillage, and even the reduction of food to intellectual property. In this episode of human unraveling, the corporate maleficence takes the form of patented and glyphosate-sprayed soy proteins masquerading as meat, making even more money for the billionaire oligarchs behind it, and, at the expense of small and organic producers around the world. Not in our name.

Soil4Climate recognizes, as must we all, that regenerative grazing is fundamental to restoring soil carbon and mitigating, if not reversing, global warming. The continued berating of cows as a leading factor in climate change, even to the point of glorifying the words of those who are calling for their complete elimination from the food system, is intellectually numbing and morally repugnant.

Instead of swallowing this Orwellian carcass, we envision an entirely different response to global warming from the ag sector. This will be one that rewards producers for increasing soil carbon and other ecological indicators, such as water infiltration, ground cover, and species composition. Coupled with this, must also be disincentives for using chemicals and destroying soil, precisely what the fake food industry is threatened by, which is why they are eagerly trying to disparage regen cropping and grazing.

Given the obviously superior alternatives, a focus on healthy soil is the last thing that purveyors of high-tech fake food want to see happen. Instead, and as a distraction, they continue pounding the drum that “cows are bad,” without nuance, or acceptance that 2/3ds of the landed surface of the earth is some version of a semi-arid, grasslands ecosystem, that co-evolved with large ruminants herds and is only marginally suitable for cropping though ideal for grazing and that most people in the world who depend on animals in these system are poor and of color. Soil4Climate stands with those people and the animals they raise. Their future is ours.

Co-Founder, Soil4Climate Inc.