Only 20 Miles Apart — They May as Well be Different Planets

The Obvious Efficacy of Holistic Planned Grazing and the Horrifying Complacency of Leading Environmental NGOs, Such as the Sierra Club and the World Resources Institute, in the Disgraceful Disparagement of Regenerative Grazing

Victoria Falls National Park and the Africa Centre For Holistic Management, one prohibits livestock and hunting and follows the internationally recognized best practices for park management, the other has 5 times the local livestock density, permits hunting, and is managed holistically by principles espoused by Allan Savory that are shunned by all the leading environmental NGOs, including the Sierra Club and the World Resources Institute, and by professors and think tanks at the citadels of academia, such as Harvard University and University College, Oxford. Which do you prefer? Which would you want to bring your children to? Which would you suspect is sequestering more carbon and having a better impact on the climate? Don’t think too hard. These aren’t trick questions.

(All photos taken on April 19, 2019 by Seth J. Itzkan)

Victoria Falls National Park, Zimbabwe
Africa Center for Holistic Management, Zimbabwe

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