The Land, It Is a-Changin’

Seth J. Itzkan
2 min readMay 24, 2021

(On Bob Dylan’s 80th’s birthday, May 24, 2021)
By Seth Itzkan, Soil4Climate

Oh Bill Gates, Pat Brown
George Monbiot
Quit the charade
For which, nothing to show
Chemicals and patents
Do not warming slow
Despite your PR machine ragin’
Soil is what matters
And still you don’t know
That the land, it is a-changin’

Now Biden and Kerry
All the top brass
We know you think cows
May not get a pass
But it’s not poor Betty
That’s offing the gas
It’s fracking that’s methane engaging
So focus on soil
To which we can amass
For the land, it is a-changin’

Now young Greta Thunberg
We know you mean well
But forgoing all meat
May not be so swell
A better future for all
Does not that foretell
To your better angels we are paging
Because soil needs animals
From the Karoo
To the Sahel
For the land, it is a-changin’

Now climate conscious eaters
From near and from far
You think reducing meat
Makes you a bright star
But soil needs animals
Likes strings on a guitar
And a grass-fed steak is worth craving
So spend your dollars on meat
Worthy of czars
For the land, it is a-changin’