This Footprint Can Save Humanity (It’s more important than the one on the moon)

The efficacy of Allan Savory’s teachings are obvious and have been for decades. It’s time to stop denying it.

Seth J. Itzkan
2 min readMar 23, 2021
Grass growing in my footprint on my property in Vermont, precisely the impact that Allan Savory has been arguing for decades that cow hooves have on rangelands.

(These comments were taken from two Facebook posts to the Soil4Climate FB group over a 3 year period. The first on August 20, 2018, and the second on March 22, 2021)

Second Post: March 22, 2021

I’m resurfacing this post from almost three years ago because I just rediscovered it and because it’s so important and because our group has grown so much since then.

My feelings now when seeing this are both of joy and anger. Joy because the logic and efficacy of Allan Savory‘s teachings about this are so obvious, but, also, unfortunately, anger, because the campaign against Allan has now catapulted into higher gear with Bill Gates and Impossible Foods and the The Breakthrough Institute and the Sierra Club and The Guardian and the World Resources Institute and many other leading environmental organizations and think tanks and academic institutions all aligning with Monsanto and Glyphosate and fake food and GMO soy and patented vegetable protein and the “less meat” bullsh*t and cultural annihilation for all pastoral people (including our friends the Maasai) and “precision agriculture” and “sustainable intensification” and the rapid expanse of desertification and increasing dead zones in estuaries, etc., etc., all under the pretense of caring about the climate and Sustainable Development Goals (Yeah, right) and whatever lame greenwash language dejure they muster up. It’s all horrifying, disgusting, forked tongue doublespeak and we aren’t fooled and we aren’t going to stand for it. The efficacy of Allan’s approach of using animals to reverse desertification (and global warming) is plainly obvious and must be a CENTRAL tenet of food, agriculture and climate policy IMMEDIATELY. Not to do so is complicity in what will be the largest die off of humanity since our species emerged. NOT. IN. OUR. NAME.


First Post: August 20, 2018

Grass growing in footprints.

Of course Allan Savory has been right all along. #Hoofs of #grazers are essential in breaking capped soil and gettings seeds to take hold and #germinate in the depressions where moisture can also pool. I discovered this efficacy recently on my own property when grass started to grow almost selectively in the depression of footprints in what had been a recently cleared dirt mound. Now think of all the barren landscapes around the world that are waiting for similar footprints. It’s obvious. Grazers don’t cause #desertification. They #reverse it. Yebo.