(On Bob Dylan’s 80th’s birthday, May 24, 2021)
By Seth Itzkan, Soil4Climate

Oh Bill Gates, Pat Brown
George Monbiot
Quit the charade
For which, nothing to show
Chemicals and patents
Do not warming slow
Despite your PR machine ragin’
Soil is what matters
And still you don’t know
That the land, it is a-changin’

Now Biden and Kerry
All the top brass
We know you think cows
May not get a pass
But it’s not poor Betty
That’s offing the gas
It’s fracking that’s methane engaging
So focus on soil
To which we can amass
For the land, it is…

The efficacy of Allan Savory’s teachings are obvious and have been for decades. It’s time to stop denying it.

Grass growing in my footprint on my property in Vermont, precisely the impact that Allan Savory has been arguing for decades that cow hooves have on rangelands.

(These comments were taken from two Facebook posts to the Soil4Climate FB group over a 3 year period. The first on August 20, 2018, and the second on March 22, 2021)

Second Post: March 22, 2021

I’m resurfacing this post from almost three years ago because I just rediscovered it and because it’s so important and because our group has grown so much since then.

My feelings now when seeing this are both of joy and anger. Joy because the logic and efficacy of Allan Savory‘s teachings about this are so obvious, but, also, unfortunately, anger, because the campaign against…

The fake food movement is intellectually numbing and morally repugnant. We stand against it.

Soil4Climate Inc. stands unequivocally against the horror that is the fake food movement. We recognize it for what it is, a profound misdirection in sentiment and policy that uses the legitimate concern of climate change as a foil to continue the industrial agricultural complex, including fertilizers, pesticides, tillage, and even the reduction of food to intellectual property. In this episode of human unraveling, the corporate maleficence takes the form of patented and glyphosate-sprayed soy proteins masquerading as meat, making even more money for the billionaire oligarchs behind it, and, at the expense of small and organic producers around the world…

The Obvious Efficacy of Holistic Planned Grazing and the Horrifying Complacency of Leading Environmental NGOs, Such as the Sierra Club and the World Resources Institute, in the Disgraceful Disparagement of Regenerative Grazing

The efficacy of Holistic Planned Grazing is obvious and has been for decades. Continued denial of this fact by environmental NGOs is creating unnecessary delays in land restoration and climate change mitigation.

The Wire Rusts, Not The Metaphor

Barbed Wire — Copyright Seth J. Itzkan, 2020

It’s been called the world’s most destructive invention — ecologically if not psychologically — barbed wire (pictured here on my property in Vermont). Although not so much in use anymore, the mentality of it is still with us. The wire rusts, but not the metaphor. To truly utilize soil as a climate solution, large herds of animals will have to be able to move again over large tracks of land. This will require coordination among many land and livestock owners — exactly what barbed wire was designed to make unnecessary. Our challenge is profound, but so is the opportunity. What…

As a white man in Africa, I’m embarrassed by the fundamentally racist and elitist rhetoric of the vegan movement leaders and their backers in the emerging high-tech, high-finance, chemical dependent, and utterly soil-carbon-depleting, fake-food industry — e.g. Bill Gates, Pat Brown, George Monbiot, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. Their colossal misdirection to expressly end all animal agriculture is not only a ploy to turn food and food production into vertically-integrated intellectual property (IP) in the model of software, it also expands reliance on life-destroying monocrops, hastens the end of food sovereignty, and implies the inevitable extinction of pastoral people, including our friends, the Maasai. Stand with me as we stand against this horror. Stand with soil. Stand with animal agriculture. Stand with a future to believe in. Thank you.

Intellectual Property Model of Food Maintains Harmful Reliance on GMO Grains, Detracts from Regenerative Agriculture, Hastens Soil Loss

Impossible Foods Patents — Partial Listing
Impossible Foods Patents — Partial Listing
Impossible Foods Patents — Partial Listing

Impossible Foods should really be called Impossible Patents. It’s not food; it’s software, intellectual property — 14 patents, in fact, in each bite of Impossible Burger with over 100 additional patents pending for animal proxies from chicken to fish. It’s iFood, the next killer app. Just download your flavor. This is likely the appeal for Bill Gates, their über investor. It’s a food operating system (FOS), a predecessor, perhaps, to a merger with Microsoft. MS-FOOD. …

Creeping desertification in Kenya — wide leaf weeds, bare ground, wilted grasses

This is what the slow, sinister creep of desertification and the fix with animals looks like. On the desertification side: wide spaces between plants — weeds proliferating — bare capped ground — wilted grasses, etc. On the restoration side: bunched, multi-species herding following a grazing plan made for maximum ecological impact — to get the animals “to the right place, at the right time, for the right reason.”

Maasai herd, Kenya

I don’t hate George Monbiot or Pat Brown or Bill Gates (or Tara Garnett or other vegan proselytizers and animal ag shamers.) I just wish they’d open their eyes a bit to the obvious efficacy of Holistic Planned Grazing to restore soil, including soil carbon and biodiversity. This isn’t complicated. At the end of the day, the veganic reliance on GMO soy for fake meat burgers is far more villainous from an ecological and moralistic standpoint than moving animals in a proper way and — heaven forbid — eating them. The death toll comparison between an industrial soy field and…

Seth J. Itzkan

Co-Founder, Soil4Climate Inc.

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